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Here you will learn the basics of measuring.  Remember!! this information is just a guideline.

We always recommend that you ask a fully qualified carpet fitter to measure your area to be carpeted to avoid costly mistakes.

Note: ' = feet     " = inches

when measuring a room, simply measure from the furthest skirting boards at the longest and widest point of the room. When measuring into a door, measure from the opposite skirting board to where the carpet will finish underneath the door.

We recommend that a minimum of 3 inches is allowed on each measurement to allow for cutting and trimming i.e. if your room measures 13' 9" X 11' 9" meters, the correct size to be ordered will be 14' X 12' .

If carpet only available 13' 1"(4 meters)  Then correct size to order would be 14' X 4 meters (13' 1")

To make things easier to understand, follow the simple basic guidelines outlined in the example illustrated below. If you would like help or just friendly advice, E-mail me at mark@carpet-index.com  we're happy to help! For more difficult areas such as hall/stairs/landings, or where a carpet may require seaming we recommend that you ask for a local carpet fitter to help you. You can locate your local carpet fitter in the Fitters Index

If you feel confident to accurately measure your own Hall/Stairs/Landing then proceed here